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Our Story

Dreaming of Ramen

Toya Ramen started with a dream to create authentic ramen through a modern lens. Using handmade, local, and fresh ingredients, every aspect of our ramen is made from scratch, including noodles, broths, tares, toppings, and oils. We proudly offer a menu that is aimed to make you feel comfortably at home. All of our ramen noodles are made in house and we pride ourselves on our signature chicken based ramen broth. We source aged whole chickens that provide a rich and wholesome flavor. Whether you want to crush a bowl and a beer, or have a full dining experience, we've got you. We do not claim to be authentic, though we do our best to make ramen with respect and an understanding of Japanese ramen culture and history.  

The name “Toya” stems from Colin’s maternal grandfather, Frank (Fujio) Toya, a master carpenter born and raised in Oahu, HI. He was known amongst the family to have the ability to build or fix anything. Frank raised 5 children with his wife Betty, having 1 eldest son and 4 daughters. Since there were no successors to bear the Toya name, Toya Ramen and Bar is a dedication to the Toya name. We want to represent the Toya name proudly with our food, drinks and service.

Owners & Executive Chefs

Colin Yoshimoto & Kevin Trinh


"Food should make you smile"

Chefs/owners Kevin Trinh and Colin Yoshimoto are veterans of the Portland culinary scene. With over 20 years of experience, in Japanese, Thai and Asian cuisine, their hope is to elevate traditional cusine with modern interpretation.

Meet the Crew

Colin Portrait 2.jpg
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Colin Yoshimoto  (Chef/Co-owner)

KeviN portrait.jpg
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Kevin Trinh

Luke Portrait 2.jpg
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Luke Brown
(G.M/Bar Manager)

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Austin Pruitt
(Chef De Cuisine)

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